19.13.1 Overtime Assignments for Work Week Group 2 (WWG 2) Employees (Unit 1)

  1. Where the use of overtime is prevalent and there are more than three (3) equally qualified employees within a work unit, the department shall establish a seniority system to request and utilize volunteers to perform overtime work from within the appropriate work area(s) and classification(s). Through the establishment of a seniority volunteer overtime system, departments will endeavor to reduce the amount of mandatory overtime, distribute overtime fairly among volunteers insofar as circumstances, security, or health and safety permit and provide employees with prior notice of possible or actual overtime assignments. However, the Union recognizes a department's right to require overtime or the completion of work in progress by the employee performing the work at the time the determination was made that overtime was necessary.
  2. When assigning mandatory overtime inverse seniority shall be used insofar as circumstances, security, or health and safety permit. The special needs of employees who have documented medical problems, childcare problems, or other significant reasons which would impact on the employee's ability to work the overtime assignment(s) shall be considered.
  3. For the purpose of this section, seniority shall be defined as the same seniority as used to determine vacation accrual. Any ties shall be broken by lot.