5.10 Labor Management Committees

  1. The State and SEIU encourage the use of Labor Management Committees to address issues of mutual concern in a problem solving context. Upon request of either party, a Joint Labor Management Committee (JLMC) shall be established to address specific or ongoing issues such as:
    1. Workload.
    2. Productivity.
    3. Making the worksite more efficient and effective.
    4. Improving the quality of service.
  2. An established JLMC shall adhere to the following guidelines:
    1. The JLMC will consist of equal reasonable number of management representatives selected by the department head or designee and Union representatives selected by the Union.
    2. JLMC recommendations, if any, will be advisory in nature.
    3. JLMC meetings shall not be considered contract negotiations and shall not be considered a substitute for the grievance procedure or professional practice groups.
    4. Employees who participate on such a committee will suffer no loss in compensation for attending meetings of the committee.
    5. Dates and times of meetings and agendas of the JLMC's shall be mutually determined by the members of the JLMC.