2.1 Union Representatives

  1. The State recognizes and agrees to deal with designated Union stewards, elected bargaining unit council representatives, and/or Union staff on the following:
    1. The enforcement of this Contract;
    2. Employee discipline cases, including investigatory interviews of an employee who is the subject of a non-criminal investigation;
    3. Informal settlement conferences or formal hearings conducted by the PERB;
    4. Matters scheduled for hearing by Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board;
    5. Matters pending before the State Personnel Board (SPB);
    6. AWOLs and appeals to set aside resignations;
    7. Discussions with management regarding reasonable accommodation;
    8. The CalHR statutory appeal hearings.
  2. A written list of Union stewards and elected bargaining unit council representatives broken down by department, unit, and designated area of representation, shall be furnished to each department and a copy sent to the State immediately after the steward's designation. The Union shall notify the State promptly of any changes of such stewards. Union stewards shall not be recognized by the State until such lists or changes thereto are received.
  3. A Union steward's "area of representation" is defined as an institution, office, or building. However, the parties recognize that it may be necessary for the Union to assign a steward an area of representation for several small offices, departments, or buildings within close proximity. Disputes regarding this paragraph may be appealed directly to the CalHR step of the grievance procedure.
  4. The area of responsibility of the District Labor Council (DLC) presidents and chief stewards shall be all worksites within the DLC. When the area of representation is within close proximity section C shall be observed, otherwise this leave will be union paid leave.
    The Union representatives shall provide reasonable advance notice based on the circumstances requiring representation under 2.1(A).